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I’m Dinah,

<p>I’m Dinah,</p>

this is my husband Curtis...

<p>this is my husband Curtis...</p>

and this is our peanut, Cash!

<p>I’m Dinah,</p>

It was October of 2020. Our big wedding was postponed due to Covid, we couldn’t travel, and we were stuck at home, so...we decided to have a baby.

During my pregnancy, I spent countless hours scouring the internet for something cool and maybe matching that my husband would actually want to wear once our son was born. Despite the increased screen time (like, so much screen time) and extensive google search history, I couldn’t find anything other than a t-shirt that said “rad dad” - so I decided to make something myself.

Fast forward a few months, and Little Trouble was born.

Little Trouble was inspired by my son Cash and kids like him. We’re celebrating kids for being kids. For being carefree and wide-eyed. For running into the freezing cold ocean (and loving it). For fearlessly riding their mini dirt bikes. For falling off their skateboards and rocking a purple band-aid. For being authentically themselves. For being kind. For being world changers.

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